Horror Movie Plot Twist Ideas (Without the Context of a Plot)

  1. It was the wrong grocery list! The real one was inside of the doll the whole time!
  2. The knitting woman from scene two infected Lucas when she handed him the fish food.
  3. That wasn't Linda's toe!
  4. The puppy adoption center has been run by cannibals since 2003! The puppies flourish, the guests get boiled.
  5. Grandma's transitioning!!!
  6. It wasn't Dr. Stevens on the other end of the phone.
  7. Bruce Willis was gay the whole time.
  8. The shoe clerk wasn't serious.
  9. Little Boy Harry was killed 34 years ago.
  10. The farmer was blind! He couldn't see where the horse went in the first place!
  11. It WAS butter!