1. I call this a "Hat Trick"
    (to myself)
  2. List of the Day™
    Whenever I read a List I Love, I give it a "List of the Day™." I hand them out sparingly. Sometimes, I'll go a week without giving one, but at max, just 1 a day. It sucks when I find that List of the Day™ at 5am. I try not to come back here for the rest of the day after that.
  3. Join people's families, without their consent.
    I ate Thanksgiving dinner with @gabimoskowitz and @ouizoid. I am the lowest hanging fruit on the Novak family tree.
  4. I limit myself to following 99 people.
    I'm the kind of guy that wants to read EVERY list you write. If my Following count goes over 99, that's too many lists to deal with everyday, and I end up hating everyone.
  5. So, I Follow and Unfollow with reckless abandon.
    Sorry. But. Gotta keep up the rotation, gotta keep things fresh. Trying to get to know as many people as I can. And if you haven't updated since August (or ever)? ✌🏼️! (If this upsets you one day, you can UnFollow me - no hard feelings. Jerk.)
  6. I read long Lists out of order.
    This is a terrible habit, but I do it with print magazine articles, as well. Sometimes, I'll skip to the end and jump around from there. I end up reading the entire thing, though. Just, schizo and impatiently.
  7. Comb through all my Lists and make sure I'm staying on-brand.
    Okay, this is a psychotic branding thing that I do. I do it with everything I make, any piece I publish. I'm forever constructing a narrative. So, everything needs to come from a unified, consistent voice. I regularly scroll down my lists and edit, prune, and delete entirely. This sounds crazy. It is crazy. But, that's what I do. Shrug.
  8. I Like almost every List I read.
    I'm not being fake. I figure, if you took the time to put yourself out there and write one of these things - to share part of your day, heart, and brain with us - that's admirable behavior right there. That's what I Like.
  9. Try to Comment on every List I read.
    Especially if the user has a low Follower count. Just to let him/her know that I was paying attention, and that someone was actively reading.
  10. I spend more time on The List App than anyone else.
    Something is wrong with me. Help.