And all is quiet (except I'm playing Operation Ivy very loud).
  1. I'm a grown man.
  2. These are the Roger Rabbit posters from R.K.Maroon's office.
  3. This is the world's most expensive chain.
    Clocking in at $3 Million by Ben Baller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87CKIvcDz6E
  4. This is an original Richard J. Oliver painting
    that my wife made me take to work because it kept scaring our guests. Boooooo.
  5. This is an original Shepard Fairey from 1999,
    back when Shep used to run "GIANT" out of his BLK/MRKT studio in San Diego with Kinsey. I went to school in SD and threw a legendary house party. Shepard showed up and pasted his posters around the yard. After everyone left, I took them all down, rolled 'em up, and archived them!
  6. Speaking of Kinsey,
    He's our Art Director. And he's really busy right now.
  7. Every creative person should have the CODEX!
  8. Holli Would.
    A nice keepsake from our Cool World collaboration. Signed by Ms. Basinger.
  9. Milton's stapler from Office Space.
    Red 747 Swingline. Legit.
  10. A James Jean of Selma Blair.
    James Jean is on The List App here: @jamesjean
  11. Mr. Pickle.
    Long day.