I try to surround myself with friends who are smarter, better, and quicker. Examples from the last two weeks follow:
  1. Mike Salisbury
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    Branding guru Mike Salisbury. You might best know him for creating Michael Jackson’s tuxedo and loafers identity, the Jurassic Park logo, or the Levi’s 501 campaign. His living room is surrounded by framed portraits he’s photographed over the years of Andy Warhol, Marin Scorsese onset of Apocalypse Now, and Alfred Hitchock. He gifted me with my favorite Mike Salisbury photograph: Bobby Kennedy at the Ambassador, the last known picture of him alive before his assassination moments later.
  2. Mike Shinoda
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    The other afternoon, Mike (Linkin Park / Fort Minor) filmed a top-secret, innovative music video of which I’m not at liberty to talk about. So, umm..I can say that he painted this mural behind him in mere hours along the Venice boardwalk. And that’s our Ridge flannel he’s wearing. Right, Mike? (We just got him onboard here on The List. Follow him at @MikeShinoda)
  3. Sophia Amoruso
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    I’m trying to get Sophia on here as well. She’s a little busy though, running Nasty Gal. This was at our annual PTTOW! conference.
  4. Musa Tariq
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    Behind her is Musa, the Digital Marketing Director at Apple, formerly of Burberry, then Nike. I love him and think he’s one of the smartest people I know. He’s now on The List as well - you can follow him at @musatariq.
  5. Jim "Red Dog" Muir
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    Between both Mikes and Jim here, I just realized that this list is a little Venice-heavy. Speaking of Venice heavies, Jim is the founder of Dogtown Skateboards, whose story was largely ignored in that documentary we won’t touch on. His brother, Cyco Miko, is a living legend - as singer and founding member of Suicidal Tendencies. Dogtown and Suicidal are now one and the same and on an upswing in the skate community. Support!
  6. Matt Jacobson
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    Matt lives a charmed life, born, raised and now sitting atop Manhattan Beach. His view of the coastline is unreal; he has his own surfcam on the roof, which btw cradles a pool. This house, and the one across the street (which he also owns) have been featured in Dwell. The New York Times Magazine ran a big story on his Joshua Tree house on Sunday. Matt was the 8th Facebook employee, so you know how this story ends. We ate down the street at Little Sister and talked about surfing and branding.