I typically don’t use List to sell you, but (for the Beta crew) I’ve been taking you through this process the entire year, and the future is finally here! Today, my brand releases an official collaboration with Universal and Back to the Future: "Back to The Hundreds." We recreated key pieces from the trilogy with a modern interpretation. Like:
  1. Marty McFly's denim jacket
    All jackets are Made in USA
  2. Complete with "Art in Revolution" and guitar enamel pins
  3. Marty's "life preserver" vest
  4. "You jump ship?"
  5. Marty, Jr.'s hologram cap
    Fused with our trademark Team snapback
  6. "Perfect! you're the spitting image of your future son!"
  7. Marty's self-drying jacket
  8. And yup, it actually self-dries, just like it did in the future (I The fabric employs our signature Nano-Coat, which repels water. Although we were inspired by original pieces, it was also important for us to update the designs into something wearable. In short, we weren’t trying to make a costume here.
  9. Doc Brown's radioactive jacket
  10. Case in point, as much as I would’ve loved to make a white jumpsuit, not too many people could get away wearing one on a daily basis. So we translated it across modern-day trends into a button-down Coach’s jacket. Also comes in black.
  11. Chicago snapback
  12. One of the biggest stories out of Back to the Future Day is the (slightly lower) possibility that the Cubs may win the World Series, just as Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis predicted in Back to the Future II. So, here is the championship hat if the Cubbies go all the way.
  13. Miami snapback
  14. ...or if Miami does instead! Somehow.
  15. T-shirts:
    There are also an array of T-shirts borrowing from different inspirations throughout the trilogy.
  16. My favorite is “Generations,” highlighting the 3 different types of skateboards that symbolize each of the 3 films.
  17. “Back to The Hundreds” is now available in limited quantities on ( This is heavy.
    There's that word again.
  18. [DISCLAIMER: Much of the collection sold out at midnight, so your best bet would be to visit one of our flagship stores or authorized stockists today.]