1. 4 flights.
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    Alone. No one bothering me, expecting anything of me, or waiting on me. Ear plugs, books, and lots of photographing clouds.
  2. Red Sox game at Fenway Park
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    My first time. From the facking pahking attendant to the vintage signage to the fans united, it was an unforgettable experience.
  3. Boston seafood...
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    My brother and his family have lived in Cambridge for a decade. Whenever I'm here, I'm on the quest for fresh seafood. How come the West Coast just can't get seafood right?
  4. ...while looking at this.
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    Better California weather than California.
  5. Favorite book of 2015.
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    The language is delicious. To be honest, I'm not sure how anyone who doesn't surf finds this book interesting but apparently it's crushing the bestseller charts so..
  6. Surf's up, Southern California!
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  7. Planet Earth
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    I never turn on my TV when flying during the day because 👉🏽
  8. New York City, 9/11
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    I love the way this photo of the city turned out. There was so much light filling the shot, drowning out all the detail,so I slammed the exposure down and all the personality pushed through.
  9. Zaria Forman, SLIP at the Winston Wächter, opening night
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    My favorite artist currently.
  10. (See previous List)
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  11. My rapping cabdriver from LAX
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    Somehow we got into a conversation about underground hip-hop (Little Brother, Nonphixion, Immortal) and homie was a real MC under the name Bin Grim! We talked about ageism in rap because he's 42 and still living the lifestyle: doing graf, rocking with his crew, and producing for artists like Sean Price. The cab thing is just to get by. The struggle is real, but so is the passion! (Yes, he gave me his mixtape, but I wanted it!)
  12. Photo meetup / hike in Malibu with 200 of my following
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    Just got back from a daylong excursion through the Malibu Creek State Park. A few times a year we do these events, the purpose being to get our community away from the Internet for a day, create (anyone can shoot a photo), and make new friends. We ended at this rock-jumping spot and got Italia sandwiches afterwards (if you know, you know).
  13. Gypsy
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    My friend Jenah joined us for the day. At almost a million IG followers, she's one of the most prolific creators I know - an esteemed graffiti artist, model photographer, and model herself. Follow her at @gypsyone
  14. It was really hot.
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