Everybody is so nice on here and got really excited about finding out I own a DeLorean in my last list. Not only do I have a 1981 DMC-12, it is considered the best-preserved DeLorean in the world. That’s not an honor I take lightly. I vocalize it to anyone listening 3 to 11 times a day. I’m not a celebrity but my friends are:
  1. Die Antwoord
    This was on the Jimmy Kimmel lot after a live performance. Ninja and Yolandi are obsessed with DeLoreans and always tell me they're gonna get one as their U.S. car. Then again, everyone always says that. No one is braindead enough to follow through, like ME.
  2. Chromeo
    They used my car for one of the new Samsung commercials. They returned it to me in terrible condition.
  3. Holly Madison
    This was after we went to a Ray Caesar show at the Corey Helford gallery. There is never a flattering or womanly way to get out of this car. Maybe that was John DeLorean's intent.
  4. Karrueche
    Did I spell her name right?
  5. Vic Rasuk and Bryan Greenberg
    They were in the middle of How to Make it in America's second season, and stopped by our office to consult. That show was basically the story of how Ben and I started The Hundreds, two sneakerheads who get into the street rag business. After it was cancelled, we even had discussions on making the Crisp brand a reality. I just got Bryan to sign up for List also, let's see if he knows how to make it. In America.
  6. Kreayshawn and V-Nasty
    Natasha (Kreay) almost ripped my door off with a light pole two minutes after this. She works at a jewelry store downtown now and is happy being a mom. Vanessa showed up to our office the other day totally spun. These girls laid it right up for Iggy.
  7. Olivia Munn
    This was right after we ate dinner at Jon and Vin's Animal, whose menu is comprised entirely of animal carcasses. Olivia was PETA at the time. I'm the worst.
  8. Jack Black, his armpit, John C. Reilly, and Will Ferrell
    That's my DeLorean in the final Beastie Boys video, "Fight for your Right (Revisited)." I was one of a few people allowed onset that week, and the only other photographer outside of their staff guy. It was a magical, historic moment. These guys were a riot together. We had a lot of downtime and they never stopped monkeying around, even though it was just the four of us for much of the shoot. Other celebrities who asked to sit in my car that week: Susan Sarandon, Elijah Wood, Stanley Tucci...
  9. The Beastie Boys
    ...and of course, AdRock, Mike D, and the late, great MCA. This was his last video project. He was rather sick but still having fun. His daughter came to visit the set later in the afternoon and production waited patiently while he coached her how to skateboard. It seemed like he loved her so much.