This past week, we lost the prolific artist, designer, and movie producer, Michael C. Gross. Here's what he left us with:
  1. The Ghostbusters logo
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    He not only produced Ghostbusters I, II, and the cartoon, he was responsible for the icon.
  2. National Lampoon magazine
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    Gross was the Art Director for National Lampoon magazine - this was arguably his most memorable cover.
  3. Esquire Magazine
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    He art directed Esquire in the '70s. This extreme close-up of Lee Marvin got a lot of attention.
  4. Heavy Metal
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    As a film producer, Gross worked on some quintessential movies, like Heavy Metal, and...
  5. Kindergarten Cop
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  6. He was also John Lennon's designer, produced Twins, and painted art until his passing.
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  7. Michael C. Gross, 2 weeks ago...
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    at his Oceanside home. Years back, I flipped his famous National Lampoon cover with Ben's pug, Wallace, for a T-shirt. He loved it. Rest in Power!