Thanks @sky for the Request!
  1. Meet Eric Nakamura
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    The force behind Giant Robot, what started as an "Asian Pop Culture" 'zine 20 years ago, long before it was trendy Stateside to be into Murakami, vinyl figures, or Korean tacos (One of my first jobs was writing for GR in college, actually). Eric opened Giant Robot stores in the 2000s. There are 2 here in LA (he laid the groundwork for what Sawtelle is today). This is his 11th Post-It show. 500 artists this time. 3,000+ squares. $25 each. A line down the block. Here are my favorites:
  2. Audrey Kawasaki
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  3. Shark Tooth
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  4. Mike Lee
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  5. Seonna Hong
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  6. Ryan Heshka
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  7. Nathan Ota
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  8. Aaron Brown
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    Giant Robot shopkeeper
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  10. Jacob Magraw Mickelson
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  11. Todd Oldham
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    Fashion designer
  12. Travis Lampe
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  13. Natalia Fabia
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  14. Amy Fry
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    Who I'm also proud to call my receptionist at The Hundreds.
  15. ?
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  17. Kozyndan
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  18. Thinh Nguyen
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  19. Ariel Mar
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  20. Shino Nakozo
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  21. ❤️ Jaime Hernandez ❤️
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  22. ❤️❤️ Matt Groening ❤️❤️
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  23. Eric and Matt
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    (And yes, Matt and I have finally got something moving now 😉 NOT SIMPSONS)
  24. The Post-It Show
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    runs for a couple weeks, with a re-up next weekend. Hints of a @jamesjean surprise?