My week of FFFun.
  1. My mentor,
    Alyasha Owerka-Moore is up for the day from San Diego, as we are working on a PF Flyers collaboration together. Aly is a NY brand legend, the guy behind Phat Farm and American Dream. Later, converging skate and street with Alphanumeric and Fiberops. We are eating lunch at Mole de los Reyes in Bell, my favorite mole restaurant in LA.
  2. Fatsarazzi
    London's OG shutterbug and production guy. I've been chums with Fats for a decade now, and his career is still climbing, putting the pieces together for Palace, arguably the coolest skate brand in the world right now.
  3. Speaking of skateboarding,
    We had a little event out at UC Riverside by the bell tower. 20 years earlier, my 3 friends and I would spend Saturday afternoons in this plaza as teenagers, hammering away at those ledges and dodging campus security. I couldn't get over the fact that the school now has a Skate Club that can freely roam and slide and grind. What is this world coming to?
  4. This is the man who invited me onto The List App,
    @jensenclan88. The busiest man I (and you) know, according to Fast Company: He's wearing his new Pin line, Patti Lapel ( Jensen's memoir about being the first signed white rapper (and other stories) comes out next year. Can't wait.
  5. We're eating downtown at Badmaash,
    the BEST Indian restaurant in Los Angeles. Brothers Arjun and Knuckle are Toronto natives, where their chef dad swore off ever opening an Indian restaurant. The boys took to sunny Southern California, inspired by Knuckle's concept of "An Indian restaurant that plays Biggie!"
  6. We started off simple.
    Off the lunch menu. Chicken tikka masala (the Orange Chicken of Indian cuisine). Saag Paneer. Some chili/cheese naan.
  7. But then Arjun and Knuckle ramped it up.
    So much good beer. So many amazing desserts.
  8. Look at these ice cream sandwiches, stacked with traditional Indian cookies.
    Just. Look.
  9. A few blocks up,
    is the Hello Giggles office. And at the heart of the maelstrom is @sophia , everyone's best friend, one of the smartest people I know, and one of a few I trust for advice. Look how Yeezy she is, making power moves.
  10. I head over to Hanjip in Culver City, my buddy Chris Oh's new Korean concept. Chris is the Seoul Sausage guy and is getting a lot of people talking in the LA food scene.
    Maybe it's because he's different, and forcing the dinosaur chefs to think differently about food, marketing, and brand. When was the last time you ate KBBQ with bone marrow, chasing it with a soju shot down the bone?
  11. Chris is a self-proclaimed "bonchon eemo"
    "Bonchon" are all the delicious side dishes you'll find at a traditional Korean restaurant. "Eemo"s are the aunties that sit "Kimchi squat" and prepare the peeling, fermentation, and marinating of the materials.
  12. Things started to get a little blurry.
    My old college mate John, who owns East Borough down the street, joins us and welcomes Chris to the neighborhood. More meat. More shots. More stories.
  13. Chris ups the ante
    and goes off-menu. Fried pig ears.
  14. This was the last thing I remembered.
    I hate you, Chris.
  15. Not the best day to do Voiceover work on my documentary.