Again, I don't know if these List requests are serious (??), but I'll entertain, @wikiHow! I'm not quite sure how to answer this one, so here's a cross-section of my life in a day. Like today.
  1. 5am
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  2. Actually, wait. 3:34AM.
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    I have catastrophic sleep habits. I only sleep in patchy 4-hour stretches. (I've Listed this before. No need to bring up the past.)
  3. 5:01am
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    If I'm home in Los Angeles, I try to surf every morning. Most immediate is the Breakwater out in Venice Beach. If I'm not feeling it, I scan the surf report for Santa Monica / Ocean Park, El Porto in Manhattan Beach, Sunset Point along PCH, or First Point, Malibu. There was a shapely mixed-up swell this morning draining into Venice, and it was a lot of fun - this is what it looked like on the cams.
  4. 8am
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    My older son started Kindergarten this week, and we are fortunate enough to have our school in the neighborhood. Which means I get to walk him to class every morning and talk about nothing in particular. Today we discussed how the Lakers are coming together for the season (he's not confident in D'Angelo Russell) and what "I swear" means (is it a good thing or bad thing?).
  5. 9am
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    It takes me roughly 40 minutes to get to work. I either drive in silence or listen to podcasts. Contemporary music feels like a waste of time and I hate talking on the phone. My p-casts of choice, in no particular order: Radiolab, This American Life, The Moth, TED Radio Hour, and CBC's Under the Influence. Patiently waiting for Invisibilia and Serial to return.
  6. 10am
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    The majority of my week has been dedicated to working on a collaborative project with NYC hardcore punk legends, BURN, for their reunion tour. We published a big editorial piece with them on the site, and singer Chaka and I have been going back-and-forth over the art for the T-shirts and jackets. He wants something violent, dangerous... This is an amalgamation of 3 of my photographs - an early draft for the back-print.
  7. Noon
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    Ben and I are eating at Giuliano's, which is like the Bay Cities of Gardena. This family-owned Italian deli has been serving the community for 63 years. Mike Giuliano knows this because his grandparents opened it the day he was born.
  8. 1pm
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    We're actually here in Gardena because graffiti legend and fabled designer Slick is grand opening his new store, Big Dick's Hardware. In the midst of car shops and junkyards, Big Dick's stocks the finest in graffiti supplies and sardonic Streetwear.
  9. 3pm
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    Stop by Skee TV, and get to sit in a small room with the entire team who worked on Dre's new album. This is the first time they've all gotten together like this. Anderson Paak has the mic. Jon Connor is 2 chairs over.
  10. 5pm
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    In a moment of weakness, I buy some Zaria Forman prints. She draws these majestic pastels of glaciers and seascapes and has become my favorite fine artist in the last year. This morning, Zaria announced that her art has been included alongside Damien Hirst and Banksy in his new "exhibition," Dismaland.
  11. 7pm
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    Make it over to my shop in time to catch up with Theophilus London, as we are embarking on a capsule collection together and are drumming up concepts. Theo and I have been fans of each other for years. This was a photograph I shot of him back in 2011, before he became the Kanye-cosigned phenom the music world appreciates him as today.
  12. 9pm
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    Just sat down to dinner with my old friends Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung. A couple months ago, a longtime Aussie fan of our brand - Louis - emailed in to invite us to his new restaurant in Los Angeles called EP & LP. It's pulled some high acclaim since - And it's warranted...
  13. 12:11am
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    Good night.