While the GOP presidential debate was underway across the country, arguably the Dems’ greatest hope was standing in a living room right here in LA, taking selfies with Kim Kardashian. Tonight in Brentwood, former first lady Hillary Clinton addressed a group of 200 in Scooter Braun’s backyard. In her time on the dais, Hillary stressed:
  1. Early childhood education
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    By age 3, 80% of brains are developed. There needs to be more funding for preschool/pre-K.
  2. Environmentalism
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    Hillary promised to install half-a-billion solar panels by the end of her first term.
  3. Rewarding hard work
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    Corporations are responsible to the workers, and will be rewarded for doing so. Workers will be taken care of. For starters, higher minimum wage.
  4. Making college affordable again
    Instead of drilling students into a lifetime of debt. The exorbitant costs of college are a deterrent, and ultimately impede our progress.
  5. Access to better substance abuse treatment
    Last year, there were more ODs than car-crash fatalities.
  6. Iran
    "..can not be trusted!"
  7. Reclaiming American leadership
    Without the U.S. leading, that direction isn’t coming from “somebody else. It’s nobody else!”
  8. The other guys
    She didn’t seem too worried. They’re disorganized. She looks forward to whoever she’ll have to debate (and laughed about it). On this day, the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Hillary stated Republicans are doing everything they can to limit those rights. She hopes to work more closely and collaboratively with the GOP to get things done.
  9. Her grandchild
    came up a lot. She started with her, and ended with her.