I watched it at the El Capitan on Saturday afternoon with my 2 boys, almost 6 and 3. I was watching their faces for most of the time, so forgive me if I didn’t fully get it.
  3. !!!
  4. There is now a character in the Disney universe that is part cotton candy, part dolphin, and what I assume are Big Bird’s legs after too much salty food!
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    Bing Bong is the best Inside Out merch you can buy right now because your entire room will smell like cotton candy 🍭🍭🍭
  5. Was there a significance to whichever emotion was in the center?
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    For example, Joy being central in Riley’s head, while Sadness was guiding the mom, and Anger foremost with dad?
  6. The animation.
    Didn't blow me away?
  7. My favorite parts were
    when the Facts and Opinions boxes got messed up. Bing Bong faded. How dreams and nightmares are programmed. How the characters themselves expressed emotions outside of their own - they would’ve been so flat and redundant otherwise. Discarding unimportant memories like phone numbers. And how memories can be painted in different emotions in hindsight.
  8. What does it say about you
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    if you gravitate towards a particular character? (Team Sadness). My boys loved ANGER *SURPRISE* ..sorry, Disgust...
  9. I was really hoping
    That the movie would end with Riley taking control of her emotions, instead of letting them run her. Then again, I guess Logic and Reason are characters best slated for the third or fourth sequel when Riley enters adulthood.
  10. That was a diss against cats in the credits, right?
    That they’re sociopathic, right?? I hope so...
  11. How good
    was Lava? Am I the only one who pegs most of the Pixar shorts higher than the feature-lengths?
  12. Were there
    any secrets or allusions to prior or future Pixar films that I missed? Fill us in!
  13. Who were these guys supposed to be?
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  14. Overall
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    It was great, but to be honest, felt ambitious. My 5 year old was into it, and I think he appreciated the message. His younger brother sits through most movies, but got bored and distracted by halftime. I thought it was incredibly creative and imaginative. I marveled at how they spun a children’s cartoon out of such a vast and complicated subject mankind has yet to entirely decipher.