Shot with Canon 5D Mark III, Sony a7r, Samsung Galaxy S6, and iPhone 6.
  1. Time Machine, Hill Valley.
  2. Britt Britt.
    This is my friend Brittany Lucas in our The Hundreds X Modernica rocker for the annual All Gone compendium.
  3. Sugar Cane Cloud, Kauai.
  4. R S W D
    Our crew, our street.
  5. Julian.
  6. Rush Hour in London.
  7. Denise Schaefer.
    (This was for our Pepsi campaign)
  8. New York City.
    Crisp and clear.
  9. Ruby Rose.
    for The Hundreds Magazine
  10. The eyes have it.
  11. Between raindrops in Tokyo, Japan.
  12. Meiji Shrine.
  13. A$AP Rocky, Beverly Hills.
  14. Mount St. Helens.
  15. BURN reunion in Hollywood.
  16. Deep cuts in Amsterdam.
    This one's hard to see over the phone. In a basement kitchen, a knife slices through a slab of meat.
  17. Summer 2016 Lookbook.
    This is a sneak peek of our Summer 2016 Lookbook, which I shot about a month ago.
  18. Ricky Webb, Kickflip to fakie.
  19. Purple Haze, Death Valley.
  20. Gil for Brooklyn Projects X Slayer
  21. Charlie Blair, off the forklift.
  22. Stairway to Heaven, The Broad.
  23. Trevelen, East Los Angeles
    (His other hand says, "Y O U R")
  24. Colorado.
  25. Pat Rumney.
  26. Inside James Jean's studio.
  27. Jay Ughh out front.
  28. Surf day in San O.
  29. Nasty Gal headquarters.
  30. Secret worlds, San Francisco.
  31. Hong Kong.
  32. Studio sessions with @john.
  33. Paris.
  34. Alysha Nett.
  35. Chris Pastras at The Hundreds Homebase.
  36. The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook.
    The concept for this shoot stemmed from a friend remarking how she could never figure out what was going on inside guys' heads. There's a lot of posturing in my world, a lot of fronting. But, inside, dudes are oftentimes complicated, misunderstood, and confused. I wanted to show this.
  37. The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook 2.
    Tripod + Photoshop + Actors, not Models
  38. Hiking with Gypsy.
  39. Mt. Rainier
    I prefer to shoot landscapes over people now. I'm not sure when this shift happened, but I used to love connecting with others through photography, learning their story, and getting to tell it with my pictures. I think, with time, I got tired of all the baggage that comes with photographing people. All the expectations and loose ends. So, I shoot mountains. Mountains don't have agents.