Shot with Canon 5D Mark III, Sony a7r, Samsung Galaxy S6, and iPhone 6.
  1. Time Machine, Hill Valley.
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  2. Britt Britt.
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    This is my friend Brittany Lucas in our The Hundreds X Modernica rocker for the annual All Gone compendium.
  3. Sugar Cane Cloud, Kauai.
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  4. R S W D
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    Our crew, our street.
  5. Julian.
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  6. Rush Hour in London.
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  7. Denise Schaefer.
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    (This was for our Pepsi campaign)
  8. New York City.
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    Crisp and clear.
  9. Ruby Rose.
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    for The Hundreds Magazine
  10. The eyes have it.
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  11. Between raindrops in Tokyo, Japan.
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  12. Meiji Shrine.
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  13. A$AP Rocky, Beverly Hills.
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  14. Mount St. Helens.
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  15. BURN reunion in Hollywood.
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  16. Deep cuts in Amsterdam.
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    This one's hard to see over the phone. In a basement kitchen, a knife slices through a slab of meat.
  17. Summer 2016 Lookbook.
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    This is a sneak peek of our Summer 2016 Lookbook, which I shot about a month ago.
  18. Ricky Webb, Kickflip to fakie.
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  19. Purple Haze, Death Valley.
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  20. Gil for Brooklyn Projects X Slayer
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  21. Charlie Blair, off the forklift.
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  22. Stairway to Heaven, The Broad.
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  23. Trevelen, East Los Angeles
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    (His other hand says, "Y O U R")
  24. Colorado.
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  25. Pat Rumney.
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  26. Inside James Jean's studio.
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  27. Jay Ughh out front.
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  28. Surf day in San O.
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  29. Nasty Gal headquarters.
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  30. Secret worlds, San Francisco.
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  31. Hong Kong.
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  32. Studio sessions with @john.
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  33. Paris.
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  34. Alysha Nett.
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  35. Chris Pastras at The Hundreds Homebase.
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  36. The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook.
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    The concept for this shoot stemmed from a friend remarking how she could never figure out what was going on inside guys' heads. There's a lot of posturing in my world, a lot of fronting. But, inside, dudes are oftentimes complicated, misunderstood, and confused. I wanted to show this.
  37. The Hundreds Fall 2015 Lookbook 2.
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    Tripod + Photoshop + Actors, not Models
  38. Hiking with Gypsy.
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  39. Mt. Rainier
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    I prefer to shoot landscapes over people now. I'm not sure when this shift happened, but I used to love connecting with others through photography, learning their story, and getting to tell it with my pictures. I think, with time, I got tired of all the baggage that comes with photographing people. All the expectations and loose ends. So, I shoot mountains. Mountains don't have agents.