A dying art.
  1. The Pantone Chip
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    If you work with me, this is the standard business card. Everyone on staff gets to personalize their own Pantone colors for their swatch. I’m, like, a Johnny Cash guy. So.
  2. The Pick-Up Line
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  3. “You like the duck with the cigar?” “Yeah! That’s the logo from ‘You Bet Your Life’! Nice touch.”
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  4. The Genius
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  5. (He did it first)
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  6. I used to carry two cards. Depending on how much I wanted you to know. Guess which demographic received these?
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  7. I don’t even have a business card anymore. Does anybody still use them? If so, list them here.
  8. I have a series of 4 that are all different colors, featuring a photo of one of my bedroom walls. They still come in very handy as a graphic designer!
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    Suggested by @sky
  9. Camel cigarette pack.
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    Suggested by @CarlosHerrera
  10. Turns out, it's a list..
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    Suggested by @scotty
  11. This is my card. I've had several through my career but this is as good as it's ever going to get: engraved Cartier 96lb stock, hand drawn graphic, super stuffy '40s verbiage and zero information. More an art project than necessity.
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    Suggested by @john
  12. Here's mine
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    Suggested by @ChrisK
  13. The simple one. I like having them to give out, matte finish with rounded corners. 50% find me through linked in it seems but email is somehow slightly more personal.
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    Suggested by @gilbaron
  14. My first business card above, current below. I haven't worked at a place that provides them in a while. It's a shame, I think.
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    Suggested by @Caissie
  15. Result of sketching during Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. My info on back. Haven't tried to see if it works yet...
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    Suggested by @nadina
  16. Mine.
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    Suggested by @mac
  17. After being a Stay At Home Dad for a year, I figured I needed to professionalize it (& be eligible to win some free lunches). Here's what I came up with.
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    Suggested by @WhelmedDad