A dying art.
  1. The Pantone Chip
    If you work with me, this is the standard business card. Everyone on staff gets to personalize their own Pantone colors for their swatch. I’m, like, a Johnny Cash guy. So.
  2. The Pick-Up Line
  3. “You like the duck with the cigar?” “Yeah! That’s the logo from ‘You Bet Your Life’! Nice touch.”
  4. The Genius
  5. (He did it first)
  6. I used to carry two cards. Depending on how much I wanted you to know. Guess which demographic received these?
  7. I don’t even have a business card anymore. Does anybody still use them? If so, list them here.
  8. I have a series of 4 that are all different colors, featuring a photo of one of my bedroom walls. They still come in very handy as a graphic designer!
    Suggested by   @sky
  9. Camel cigarette pack.
    Suggested by   @CarlosHerrera
  10. Turns out, it's a list..
    Suggested by   @scotty
  11. This is my card. I've had several through my career but this is as good as it's ever going to get: engraved Cartier 96lb stock, hand drawn graphic, super stuffy '40s verbiage and zero information. More an art project than necessity.
    Suggested by   @john
  12. Here's mine
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  13. The simple one. I like having them to give out, matte finish with rounded corners. 50% find me through linked in it seems but email is somehow slightly more personal.
    Suggested by   @gilbaron
  14. My first business card above, current below. I haven't worked at a place that provides them in a while. It's a shame, I think.
    Suggested by   @Caissie
  15. Result of sketching during Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. My info on back. Haven't tried to see if it works yet...
    Suggested by   @nadina
  16. Mine.
    Suggested by   @mac
  17. After being a Stay At Home Dad for a year, I figured I needed to professionalize it (& be eligible to win some free lunches). Here's what I came up with.
    Suggested by   @WhelmedDad