I mean awesome.
  1. My son asked, "Is he a good guy?" I said, "Actually, he's the most bad guy you could be."
    I showed him the clip and he was like 😱 and then we made s'mores. Because marshmallows.
  2. Meet BB-8.
    The soon-to-be darling of the new Star Wars movie finally arrived today. BB-8 is unbelievably well-made and thoughtfully packaged, a far cry from the Kenner action figures I grew up with. Operated through an app with voice commands and holograms, BB-8 isn't just a toy, it's an experience. The fact that my kids think of him as a pet makes me realize that we are living in the future.
  3. Primo's Donuts
    Have been holding down the westside since 1956. On the way home from the beach, my friend Kenji lit up, "Should we get Primo's buttermilk bars?" Often imitated, never duplicated, Primo's donuts are just crispy and sweet enough on the outside, warm and delicate on the inside.
  4. "Yes. Yes we should."
    We got a couple dozen of them. I've eaten two in the last hour. I'm in negotiations with the third.
  5. My son made a new friend.
    "Can I pet the waccoon?"
  6. I washed my baby after the rain.
  7. And then her badder, nastier sister showed up.
  8. She opened up her heart.
  9. Hey ßeta crew, should I take us back to the day before List went public?