The attitude. Not the clothing.
  1. Gerry Lopez
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    ... to prove my point.
  2. My mentor, Alyasha Owerka-Moore
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    Always 10 years ahead of the game.
  3. Snoop then, not now
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    White swap meet snapback, creased khakis, stiff Dickies or Carhartt jacket. I always loved how Snoop framed oversized workwear.
  4. Gwen Stefani then, not now
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    Like this.
  5. ...or like this.
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  6. Sofia Coppola and Kim Gordon then, still kinda now
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    X-Girl days
  7. Mark Gonzales
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  8. Zapatistas
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  9. Daria Werbowy
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    So hard to choose just one picture.
  10. Chuco
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    The godfather. RIP.
  11. Marc Johnson
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    The Gene Kelly of skate.
  12. The Beastie Boys
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    This photo could have been shot today.
  13. Again, The Beastie Boys
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    I actually thought the Beasties always dressed a little left of trend, which made them feel off-key as far as fashion and labels, but unique in their own right. I borrowed specific elements from their aesthetic, which seemed itself derived from all corners of youth subculture in the '90s.
  14. Winds of Change
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    An old Arizona hardcore outfit. Through the decades, the hardcore scene has embodied different intonations depending on zip code. I've accepted them all, whether it's East Coast varsity or San Diego rockabilly. Although not from Orange County, this look is reminiscent of Huntington Beach's surf / Straight Edge intersection.
  15. Smokie
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    I rode as close to this as possible for my teenage years. The navys and greys rang of classic SoCal workwear. No visible branding, more about the cuts. Flat and simple and I liked moving between underground channels this way.
  16. Johnny Cash
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    All black everything.
  17. Eric Ricks, early-'90s
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    The good ol' days, when skaters and housers were indistinguishable. Yarn-dyed stripes, baggy pants, small wheels, a rainbow of colors.
  18. Watts youth, 1966
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    From the LIFE pictorial. How cool.
  19. Skinheads
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    The proletariat uniform is tailored, distinct, and smart.
  20. River Phoenix
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  21. Me and my friends in high school.
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    I'll never grow up.