1. Lunch with TK at Zinc.
    Taryn Anderson is an incredible photographer, who I've had the pleasure of working with since the start of her career. You can see more of her work here:
  2. Shooting Ricky Webb on our ramp.
    Speaking of... Ricky has been skating for us for a decade now. He was just a kid when he caught our eye with his stylish 360 flips. Kickflip to fakie here.
  3. Julia Vaughn.
    Dipped in Hikaru's BOUNTY HUNTER, one of my favorite Japanese street labels for decades. Both Julia and Hikaru: Tried and True.
  4. Being haunted by Chris Cole's hologram.
    Stance Socks and Star Wars are doing a collaboration. To get the word out, I find a customized iPad on my desk with a 3/4-D hologram of skateboarder Chris Cole asking for my help...
  5. Catching Ron English before his big opening.
    Tonight, actually! At the new Corey Helford downtown. Will they be ready in time?
  6. Appetizer.
    To whet your appetite, Ron's mural out front:
  7. Welcome to Death Valley.
  8. Gonna be here for a few days with...
    @MikeShinoda and @AnnaShinoda. Preparing a solid List of Landscapes for you...