Dave Choe is one of the top 5 wealthiest living artists in the world. Asa Akira is the most famous pornstar on earth. Dana DeArmond has been shooting porn for over ten years. This is what we talked about today.
  1. Can feminism be reconciled with adult entertainment?
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    My question. Both girls’ answers, yes. “Feminism is the belief that men and women are equal.” Both consider themselves feminists, both looked at me as crazy for asking that question.
  2. Sex addiction.
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    Dave has been in sex rehab since the start of the year. Everyone in his facility is older than him. Many are senior men who logged onto the Internet later in life and completely lost it. "All addictions end in porn," he says. Heroin, gambling, smoking,... at the end of it all, the final boss is porn. Like King Koopa.
  3. Addiction in general.
    Thrives on secrecy, which is why porn can be so devastating. Dave was saying, you don’t even have to get up from your chair to engage. At least with drugs, you gotta walk down the street or greet someone at your door. You can watch porn from your phone mid-conversation as someone’s in front of you. As universal and “accepted" as it is, people don’t do it out in the open, and rarely boast of it. That’s the dark part.
  4. They wouldn’t let Asa visit him on Family Day.
    “We’ll let you figure out why that might be a bad idea.”
  5. What sort of people watch Fantasy/Sci-Fi.
    Not me. Not Asa. Dave does. He says that we’re well-adjusted, grounded in reality. People with chaotic homelife gravitate towards outside universes to escape their situation. “When I’m in the middle of Africa, what are all their favorite movies always? Contact. Avatar. Why? ‘Cause you got AIDS, you don’t wanna watch some everyday life shit."
  6. K****
    There’s an older Indian man (like, 70) in the program who was having sex with prostitutes outside of marriage. He is obsessed with Dana’s work. Dave filmed Dana congratulating K**** on completing rehab, and we debated for half an hour on whether he should send the video, worrying it might send the husband and father of three over the edge. I thought it’d be a good idea - maybe it would break the intrigue, show Dana as a relatable human being, not a receptacle. Dave sent the video.
  7. Oh.
    Upon my surprise that there was an older Indian man in sex rehab, Dave responds, “Look at how many Indian people there are in the world. They fuck the most!” Dana said the same for the Chinese. When a friend inquired whether Asians were as into sex, she said, “Look at who there’s most of on the planet!"
  8. Famous people and pornstars.
    Dana is currently dating an A-list actor (No, I won’t say who, but it’s good!). Many of my other porn friends carry on affairs with the world’s most famous athletes, CEOs, and movie stars. Dana’s dude says that sex with her “is like playing basketball with Michael Jordan."
  9. Pornstars are famous people.
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    Whether we want to admit it or not, porn rules the Internet. My next (unrelated) meeting was with WME and their Virtual Reality initiatives (we are building content for). Of course, the big thing everyone is talking about, working on, and hoping for, with VR? That’s right. Sci-fi. And porn.