1. La Azteca
    Is La Azteca home of the best burrito in LA - and for that matter - the country? Jonathan Gold (, LA Weekly (, and the Daily Meal seem to think so (naming it Best Burrito of 2014). You won’t find tortilla chips at the East LA stand, but you will find:
  2. The most famous chile relleno burrito in the U.S.
    (This isn't it) We caught the line at a tolerable length and called out a few CRB’s, breakfast burritos (also a hit), and a carnitas quesadilla (Had to go next door to the bakery for chips).
  3. The verdict?
    (This is it) I really like this burrito. It has something to do with the tortilla and the cheese. Their house salsa/hot sauce is thin, but with a sharp kick. It’s a huge plus. But when it comes to chile rellenos, I need the pepper to be wrapped in a heavy, fluffy egg batter. They keep it super minimal here, to the point where I couldn’t taste (or find) the egg. You know who has an even better CRB? La Taquiza on Figueroa. The best of all? Tony’s in Riverside. It’s worth the drive.
  4. The Star Wars trailer
    What does it mean that I don’t find any of those Drake dancing memes funny, but I’ve watched the The Force Awakens preview like 38 times?
  5. The Star Wars merchandise
    Aside from BB-8 taking over my home, my family has been completely obsessing over the new Star Wars movie. Our tickets are set for the Saturday of opening weekend. And Halloween is in motion. Both boys were drawn to the bad guys. Guess who they take after?
  6. The Star Wars conversations
    I will share them with anyone willing to listen. Like @MikeShinoda. I stopped by a photoshoot just to ask him whether he thinks Luke Skywalker is now a Sith Lord. Oh, right, so the shoot was for…
  7. A collaboration with Mike's Grammy-winning rock band
    Linkin Park. On Monday, we met up with Casey EKLIPS, captain of The Seventh Letter, Dominick Deluca of Brooklyn Projects, and Bill Hebner (formerly of Freshjive), to film some content related to the project.
  8. Greenspan's
    is the oldest and coolest workwear store in Southern California. Deep in South Gate, the shop has been running since 1928, and is where California's street aesthetic was birthed. The city has been trying to shut it down for years because it’s where all LA gangs and motorcycle clubs browse for their clothes. But it’s also established as neutral territory amongst the community. They'll have Mongols and Hell's Angels shopping side by side here - that's the sort of respect Greenspan's demands.
  9. My Baby Jo
    …is the best vintage/rockabilly clothing store in L.A. sourcing from the ‘30s-‘60s. Really cool vintage ties, swing dresses, pinup swimwear, they’ve got it all. This sweater is appropriate, because I’m headed back to 1955 for our…
  10. Enchantment Under the Sea Dance
  11. To celebrate our collaboration with Universal and Back to the Future, we recreated the famous dance where Lorraine and George McFly fall in love, and Marty becomes another white guy history has revised as inventing rock n’ roll.
  12. This was my inspiration for the night:
  13. Did I pull it off?
    I hope so! Down to the houndstooth jacket measurements, zoot suit pants, and Stacy Adams shoes. Details.
  14. We had a ‘50s band playing all the songs from the movie in order (even some Huey Lewis), rapper Vince Staples headlined...
  15. and there was a DeLorean and ‘50s car show out front.
  16. It's been a fun week.
    I know - for many of you - Back to the Future Day was just something that happened upon your social media. But for me, October 21, 2015 was a day I’ve thought about since I was a kid. What would I be doing in 30 years - would I make it as an artist, would I be married to Jennifer Connelly? Well, not quite. But I think it worked out okay. Plus, I've got at least another 30 to go right? (Just say when, Jen).