The last time I saw your phone, it was in:
  1. Yesterday's pants
  2. Cup holder
  3. Phone charger on nightstand
  4. Bar top
  5. Jar of rice
  6. Bathroom counter
  7. Under sheets/pillow
  8. Breast pocket
  9. Back of cab
  10. Other purse
  11. TSA bin
  12. For ladies, toilet
  13. For men, interstellar black hole between armrest and center console.
    This has everything to do with which pocket men and women keep their phone in. Back pocket for the ladies, pants pulled down to use toilet, knocks phone loose, jarring splash. Front pocket for men, slides out while driving.
  14. Small child's hands
  15. Top of car
  16. Now, street
  17. Your hands as you read this
  18. (I can't help you with the Apple TV remote)
  19. You swapped it with your friend who has the same iPhone and black Otter Box.
    Suggested by @Anne
  20. Under today's mail.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  21. The friend's hotel room where the party was last night.
    Suggested by @angusisley
  22. In the fridge
    Suggested by @maria