I’m spending my Friday with a dear and inspiring friend. We first started hanging 5 years ago, when we were both relative unknowns. Now she is on TMZ everyday and I ate Carl's Jr. for lunch by myself. Her name is Ruby Rose, and this is what you need to know about her.
  1. Ruby is already famous.
    In Australia. As a former model down under, she broke anonymity overnight by entering an MTV contest to become a VJ, and then exploded internationally as a DJ.
  2. She's about to become even moreso.
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    Ruby would often escape to the US to enjoy freedom from celebrity, but that’s changed in the matter of a week. Cast in the current Orange is the New Black, her Instagram followers jumped from 100k to 1m to 2m in the course of days. The girl running the photo studio was beside herself when Ruby walked in this afternoon. She attended EDC this past weekend and crowds chased her. Justin Bieber fanned out. After taking a couple selfies with her, they exchanged numbers and are to go skate soon.
  3. And she's okay with that.
    Because she's already been through it once before. She says she’ll miss moving in obscurity, but she gets it. Ruby is remarkably even-keeled and poised, always. A year ago, she stopped by on a break from rehab. Her life was at a crossroads, but amidst all, she was still focused on her life and career, and bettering herself. Not soon after...
  4. She got engaged to Roald Dahl’s granddaughter.
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    The fashion designer, Phoebe Dahl.
  5. Ruby is gender fluid.
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    Meaning she doesn’t necessarily identify as a specific gender. She’s been championing gender fluidity for years, but with the conversation finally bubbling in the mainstream, Ruby’s suddenly getting a lot more attention...
  6. Especially from women.
    who think they might be lesbian. She appreciates the attention but thinks many may be misled.. “You’re not really lesbian,” she teases a mutual friend who’s expressed attraction towards her lately. There’s a difference between being confused and/or hating men and gravitating towards women. “Girls can be shit too,” she says. “but I can’t say, ‘I’m going to hook up with guys now’ because I’m mad at women.”
  7. These photos.
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    are some of my shots from our magazine shoot today. You’re the first to see them - I’m editing them as I write this list!