Took a field trip with my Design team to The Broad Museum this afternoon. I'm sure you've seen it already, or at least caught it somewhere on Instagram, but I walked into it with a fresh set of eyes, and this is how it looked from my end.
  1. Stairway to Heaven
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  2. My Apparel Designer, Erica.
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    One of my favorite parts of the gallery experience is observing the visitors. At a point, it seems like they're physically immersed into the art, by the way they dress, the color of their hair... I have a theory that people move towards the canvases that speak their language, so maybe that explains why the tie-dyed kid hangs out a little longer around the rainbow stuff? I dunno.
  3. Lots of Koons.
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  4. I know
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    A lot of the works have already been showcased at LACMA's Broad collection or other museums, but it's still powerful to see it in this beautiful new environment.
  5. Not a big Damien Hirst fan.
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  6. AM a huge Kara Walker fan.
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    Anyone remember her show at the Hammer?
  7. Lichtensteins
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    Are so interesting up close.
  8. My favorite artist
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    on display is Robert Longo. I've been following his work for years - I love the movement. His drawings feel like cinema to me.
  9. Barbara Kruger,
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    The queen.
  10. Lots of cool Warhols,
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    I'm always fonder of his non soupcan/Marilyn offerings.
  11. Cool soupcan, tho
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  12. Nice transition to SAMO - Basquiat.
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  13. I was a Murakami fiend in the early 2000s, but have fallen off the wagon over the years...
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  14. Ruscha.
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  15. Robert Therrien's "Under the Table"
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    Talk about experiential.
  16. Keith Haring.
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  17. Cy Twombly.
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  18. The John Currin room was my favorite space.
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  19. Glenn Ligon.
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  20. I'm gonna stop talking now.
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  30. I sarcastically called this the Fire Arcade, but Ragnar Kjartansson's "The Visitors" is a sweet and emotional send-off, and the appropriate bookend to a thoughtful experience.
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    Walk in with an open mind, and expect to sink into the performance a good 10-15 minutes to get the full effect. Beautiful stuff.
  31. Visit The Broad!
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  32. I know
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    you're supposed to reserve months in advance or whatever, but you can also just show up on a weekday and walk right in. Takes a couple hours, top to bottom. Plus, everyone was beautiful (even the docents) and dressed up (for a Tuesday afternoon?), so if you're single and trying to get your Art on, you know where to go.