1. Lauren Wasser.
    A former model and avid basketball player, Lauren suffered Toxic Shock Syndrome from a tampon. She was forced to amputate her right leg because of gangrene, and her remaining foot is toe-less and raw.
  2. Consequently,
    Lauren lives in constant, excruciating pain (“It’s like walking on rocks”), is still reconciling tragedy with reality, and as an amputee whose heart works 150% harder than ours, a mild stroll is comparable to a hard run (Hard to swallow for a former athlete and fixed-gear bicyclist).
  3. Three years later,
    Lauren is 27 and has the courage of an army - even in the face of amputation of her left leg (yes, it’s probable). She admits that there are dark days, but she and her girlfriend Jennifer Rovero (@fotofetish) are now tirelessly raising awareness of the dangers of tampons, their eyes set on Congress. Still, buoyant and blithe, Lauren is ALIVE. Resolute. And so, so, SO inspiring.