Everything may change tomorrow.
  1. People footwear.
    One of the dudes split from Native a while back, and has been working on People. You can see the crossover, but the Vancouver brand’s stylings remind me a lot of that excitement and curiosity that Native first evoked. I’m not sure if these Stanley Knits are available yet, but it’s the summer of white shoes and white pants. Start here.
  2. Prayers (and the Cholo Goth movement)
    I lived in San Diego for four years, was vegan for much of it, so ate Pokéz religiously. Founder/gangbanger Rafael Reyes then spent a couple years in jail and now makes art and fronts Prayers, penning the Cholo Goth genre. You should watch their Vice/Noisey doc or just pop Prayers into YouTube. They opened for the Cult last year. You will like this.
  3. My Hanni money clip.
    Hanni El-Khatib has the best logo ever. He also makes sublime rock & roll.
  4. Cherimoyas.
    There’s a reason Mark Twain called it "the most delicious fruit known to men.” It’s all my favorite fruits (disguised in an artichoke turtle shell): bananas, apple custard, passion fruit, strawberries… Squeeze an orange over it, and carve it out with a spoon. Tell a friend.
  5. Etgar Keret, “Suddenly, a Knock on the Door"
    Waiting for his memoir, “The Seven Good Years.” In the meantime, re-reading the Israeli author’s collection of short stories.
  6. 9'6" Yeater spoon.
    The swell's deflating, so been trimming with this longboard all week.
  7. 40s & Shorties socks.
    Too many socks brands out there. Drew and Co. kill 'em all with the subculture nods. This pair, my yellow Gucci Mane socks, and the Kim Jong Ils are my favorites.
  8. Bento lunch box from Mitsuwa.
    This is happening. Right. Now.
  9. List. And these Listers:
    @tombatten @Kellendria @LAmag @J @AlexandraLouise @lenadunham. Thanks @bjnovak @dev for this. Thanks @jensenclan88 for inviting me. List has been a wonderful escape.