Everything may change tomorrow.
  1. This hat.
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    Available now at Edison Chen’s 3125c pop-up on La Brea, in partnership with the artists Devin Troy and Cali DeWitt // Dad hats are the new 5-panels...
  2. These phone chargers.
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    (not my photo) http://bit.ly/1slFdbh
  3. This setup.
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    My Canon lenses on my mirrorless Sony a7r. Made possible by Metabones.
  4. This trick.
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    I guess I’m late on this one. Helps with flow and can control. Thanks Owen.
  5. This band.
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    (not my photo) Been listening to Wildwood alum Cherry Glazerr again lately. Remember last year when KCRW’s Cherry Glaser interviewed Cherry Glazerr?
  6. This video.
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    The new Fort Minor video, which debuted this afternoon for their first song in 10 years. Plus, shot in Google 360 (!!!), so watch me and this guy @MikeShinoda in Chrome or the YouTube app on your phone : http://bit.ly/1Ng3qGh
  7. These spam musubis.
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    My former Art Director is the man behind the wildly popular East Los Musubi, which means sometimes we get mid-day deliveries like these. Spam, rice, and everything nice (chorizo? tofu?)
  8. This board.
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    This week, it’s my 6’4” Fowler VMachine. I have two of these - the perfect board for LA beach breaks. Enough volume to paddle like a longboard, flat and tri-finned to drop you into anything, no matter how sharp or dumpy.
  9. This view.
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    Every night at our headquarters, I’m usually the last to lockup. Today, I walked out with my Creative Director Patrick who also has an affinity for old, useless, cars that people mistake for appliances.