I'm 35.
  1. Most everyone that works with me is in their 20s.. They don’t remember (or didn’t exist during) the OJ trial, when Sega made video game systems, irony wasn’t conventional, or a world without Internet.
  2. I started my brand in 2003. Many of the kids who are buying my clothes now were born around the same time.
  3. I said “at my crib,” and these high schoolers laughed, “Your crib? What does that mean?”
  4. Bjork, Mike D, Dr. Dre, and Slash are turning 50.
  5. Most high schoolers today don’t remember - or weren’t around for - 9/11. They’re writing reports about it like I used to about the Vietnam War, civil rights, or the Kennedy assasination, things that seemed so far away from me at the time.
  6. Watching my kids get older.
  7. Watching my parents get older.
  8. Some of the 20-year-olds on staff like to remind me that by the time they’re my age, I’ll be 50.
  9. The next generation of skateboarders have adopted baggy Dickies like it’s a revolution.
  10. That girl from My Girl on Veep.
  11. Drake quotes.
  12. My 10-year reunion was this weekend. For graduate school.
  13. Rosy nostalgia for music artists we all collectively agreed were shameful while they were chart-topping in the ‘90s.
  14. My friends who got pregnant in high school have kids who are graduating at that same school this week.
  15. Reboots for movies that just came out.
  16. The friends I grew up partying with - who never stopped - are now dying from it.
  17. Related: starting to go to just as many funerals as weddings.
  18. Going to Coachella.
  19. Going to clubs.
  20. Going outside at night in general.
  21. In Back to the Future, Marty travels all the way back to the alien and backwards 1955. If the movie were made today, it’d be 1985.
  22. From Jay-Z vs. Nas to Jay-Z vs. Spotify.
  23. Mirrors.