I've never been to a car show. I know this is shocking because I'm Asian and I work in street culture. I do have a DeLorean, however, but that doesn't make me a car guy. It just makes me a nerd. Scion invited me down to the Toyota campus today to show my car in a "tastemakers" event. Here were some of my favorite cars, which I know nothing about.
  1. Slick's car
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    The legendary graffiti artist explained this was the only year they made this car with "slant eyes," in that the tail lights were askew. He's part Chinese, so he dug it. I like this car because it looks like it floated right out of the Jetsons.
  2. Most expensive car
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    ...was this perfectly intact Toyota 2000 GT. Apparently it costs like 1.5 Mill.
  3. My favorite car
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    ...is this 1992 512 TR Ferrari Testarossa. I adore this car. It's BJ from Crooks & Castles, and he told me it's not as much as you'd expect. I'm seriously considering getting one. My rich and only Jewish friend as a kid, Phil Greenberg, used to get picked up in one of these when we were in fourth grade and I was willing to convert for it.
  4. The most expensive Smart car
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    This guy has spent more than $40,000 working on his Smart, which may seem anything but. But who am I to judge? I bought a time machine that doesn't even work.
  5. Ben Baller's Aventador
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    Ben always lives up to his name.
  6. Toyopet
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    Before the company got its name, it went by "Toyopet" in typical cutesy Japanese form. Toyota keeps one of every car back in the museum on the lot behind us, and they brought out a few relics to flex on all these furiously fast rice rockets.
  7. Slayermobile
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    I don't really get it, but what's to get? Satan drives a Scion.
  8. Frankenferrari
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    Rob from Crooks took a perfectly good Ferrari and literally chopped and screwed it, Japanese style, with the trendy Liberty overfender treatment. The hack job alone costs more than a typical car.
  9. The car next to mine
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    ...was supposedly the most expensive newer car on the lot, clocking in at almost half a million bucks. I have no idea why they asked to position it RIGHT NEXT TO MINE.
  10. My car
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    Happy face.