I have a clothing brand, but we don't really do product placement. We don't sponsor anyone, have PR, work with stylists. Figure if they want it, they'll buy it. It still ends up on the right celebrities (like Kanye or Kendrick) and the wrong ones (like that dude on TMZ?) but sometimes it ends up on the most unexpected people in the strangest ways.
  1. Rose Byrne on vacation.
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  2. On Lindsay Lohan's face
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    Don't ask me to explain this one.
  3. This dude's sassy grandma
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  4. Michael Jordan!!! ('s son)
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  5. Jack Nicholson!!! ('s son)
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  6. My puberty coach
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  7. These strangers befriending each other over how much my brand ruined their lives
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  8. Ruthless memes
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    Rob is actually a friend, but I can't control the Internet.
  9. This close to Katy Perry's cleavage 👀
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  10. This girl congratulating herself to my misfortune 😖
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  11. This deranged homeless man
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  12. As a censorship bar
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    Sometimes, generous women send stuff like this. This one actually happens to come from a sorta notable personality. No more questions.
  13. ISIS killer
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  14. I actually have a few more of mugshots or dead bodies wearing a hat or a jacket of mine, but i think you've got the gist.