1. List is about to open the floodgates.
    It’s not my business to say when, but it’s soon. I’m happy for the app and its growth, but I will miss the safety and intimacy of “knowing” everyone within the community. One of my favorite parts of List is that TL;DR has no place here. I hope that casual Listers and curious critics don’t dampen the mood.
  2. ...yet somehow, it's still remained a secret since Beta launched earlier this year:
    Amazing, right? No trace of it anywhere on the web. Says something about the integrity of the community in keeping a good secret.
  3. Really famous and beautiful people are ghosting under pseudonyms on here (And they List a lot)!
    You think you know. But you have no idea.
  4. @dev and @Nicholas look nothing like their profile pictures.
    They are much taller and handsomer and turns out, they have an entire human body after the circle ends. Jokes aside, such a solid crew at List. 🙏🏼
  5. They have one Asian guy there.
    So OF COURSE we are now friends!
  6. Mad positive energies.
    The office is just right. Plus, @sophia has got the space super vibey with a transcendental meditation couch and crystals on everyone’s desk. Also, her blonde hair is really working for her and she is the glue that holds the world together.
  7. They are working on an Android version of List.
    I am the only person on here right now that cares about this probably.
  8. Pro basketball player Matt Barnes likes to park his red Ferrari out front and sit in it and have me gawk at him for an inordinate amount of time as I search for a space.
    Related: Clipper teammate @blakegriffin joined List today
  9. You can tell if someone blocks you.
    Because when you visit their page, it looks weird! Now I’m gonna dig through all…
  10. 4,000 users on List.
    Does it feel like more or less? I feel like it’s the same 250 of us.
  11. They're reading your Lists all day long.
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    And talking about how brilliant and thoughtful and hilarious you all are. Keep it up! 👏🏼