Every year, I shop at Jack's Wholesale in downtown LA for all my Halloween candy. Cheap, economy sized crates of your favorite outlier candies. The other neighbors can hand out Krackel and full-size Snickers, boooooring. I got Jawbreakers the size of baseballs.
  1. Let's begin.
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  2. Pop Rocks
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  3. Big League Chew
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  4. Atomic Fireballs
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  5. Lemonheads
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  6. Gummi hamburgers
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  7. Gummi hot dogs
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  8. Gummi pizzas
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  9. Gummi Bears
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    Hard to judge proportions here, but these bags are massive and only cost $5 a pop.
  10. White chocolate Gummi Bears
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  11. White chocolate Kit Kats
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    Yes, I know white chocolate isn't really chocolate.
  12. ICEE spray candy
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  13. Rock Candy
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  14. Jawbreakers
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  15. Yan Yans
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    Not the most diverse assortment of Asian candies, but you got some staples.
  16. But...!
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    Aisles and aisles of the best Mexican candies!!
  17. Lucas
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    If you grew up in Southern California and never ate (later, snorted on a dare) Pica or Lucas, you may go home now.
  18. Ring Pops
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  19. Beer Lollipops*
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  20. Candy cigarettes*
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  21. Gummi Rats
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    These are to scale. Giant, ugly rats molded out of Gummi candy. Who would eat these? My neighbors' children.
  22. Pixy Stix
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  23. Jelly Belly Cocktails*
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  24. Bubble Tape
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  25. An entire box of buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys
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    This one's just for me.
  26. Fart Bombs
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    This too.
  27. *Adults only