Every year, I shop at Jack's Wholesale in downtown LA for all my Halloween candy. Cheap, economy sized crates of your favorite outlier candies. The other neighbors can hand out Krackel and full-size Snickers, boooooring. I got Jawbreakers the size of baseballs.
  1. Let's begin.
  2. Pop Rocks
  3. Big League Chew
  4. Atomic Fireballs
  5. Lemonheads
  6. Gummi hamburgers
  7. Gummi hot dogs
  8. Gummi pizzas
  9. Gummi Bears
    Hard to judge proportions here, but these bags are massive and only cost $5 a pop.
  10. White chocolate Gummi Bears
  11. White chocolate Kit Kats
    Yes, I know white chocolate isn't really chocolate.
  12. ICEE spray candy
  13. Rock Candy
  14. Jawbreakers
  15. Yan Yans
    Not the most diverse assortment of Asian candies, but you got some staples.
  16. But...!
    Aisles and aisles of the best Mexican candies!!
  17. Lucas
    If you grew up in Southern California and never ate (later, snorted on a dare) Pica or Lucas, you may go home now.
  18. Ring Pops
  19. Beer Lollipops*
  20. Candy cigarettes*
  21. Gummi Rats
    These are to scale. Giant, ugly rats molded out of Gummi candy. Who would eat these? My neighbors' children.
  22. Pixy Stix
  23. Jelly Belly Cocktails*
  24. Bubble Tape
  25. An entire box of buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys
    This one's just for me.
  26. Fart Bombs
    This too.
  27. *Adults only