1. Aging Harajuku girls.
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    15 years later...
  2. The new Converse White Atelier shop
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  3. The Greatest Show on Earth
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    Robot Restaurant 3rd Anniversary. Best $50 spent.
  4. Secret bar
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    Japan is the land of treasure hunts and secret spots. Walk into a subway station, find Jiro. Stumble into an underground cave and find the coolest clothing boutique (Loveless). This bar is a tiny room that fits an elderly Japanese man, his thousands of records, two turntables, and space for a few guests. You can disappear your night here, easy.
  5. The skyline pt. 1
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  6. The skyline pt. 2
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    The layout of Los Angeles. The density of New York.
  7. Tradition
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    Having lived here for a bit, Japanese life can be frustrating, maddening at times, when it comes to culture clash. But then you consider the age-old customs, rituals, and deference, and you wish it was like this everywhere else in the world.
  8. Meiji shrine pt. 1
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  9. Meiji shrine pt. 2
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  10. Japanese musician Verbal inside his studio
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  11. Monsoon season.
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