1. Slideshows
    Remember when our parents (or our parents’ parents) would invite other couples over and force them to sit through slideshows of your family vacation?
  2. Bragging
    #Humblebrag was society's awkward transition from observing humility to practicing no-holds-barred self-promotion. Now, no one bats an eye when you post photos of your cool new car, the reality star you’re hanging out with, or that amazing cake you baked. Can you imagine taking a buncha photos of yourself and passing them out to your friends?
  3. Pornography
    No, it's art.
  4. The Internet.
    Instagram is basically the Internet inside the Internet. A self-contained universe of Abouts, Who we Ares, and What we Dos. Even though, if you recall, it didn't start out that way. People used to freak out when memes started entering their photo galleries. "Leave that on the Web!" Do brands and individuals even take websites seriously anymore? Blogs? Fuck Jerry wins.
  5. Flyers
    Isn’t every post just a campaign for something? Whether it’s a new club, your avocado toast, or the Manhattan skyline at dusk, we’re all raising awareness for something.
  6. Advertising
    And in business speak, we’re selling something.
  7. Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
    Think about it. What we’re doing to ourselves and each other. It’s creepy af.
  8. Narcissism
    Hey world look at me! (I said in a pubic post!)
    Suggested by @gilbaron