A few years back, I was in Maui for their annual Film Festival. As a lead-up to a movie screening, Pierce Brosnan had an intimate Q&A out in front of one of the hotel lobbies. We were passing by and took a seat in the back. There were maybe 20 or 30 people there, including his wife in the front row, whom he seemed to adore and respect very much.
  1. After Pierce answered a few questions about the movie, an excited blonde with a quivering martini shot her hand up.
    “I don’t know if you remember me,” she wondered, “But I was in Vegas for a bachelorette party twenty years ago. I was drunk, sitting at a slot machine, and you happened to walk by.”
  2. Pierce seemed amused by the story. Everyone else laughed nervously. He coaxed her on.
    This made her plume with elation. Her voice climbed another octave. “And we connected eyes. You took a few steps, turned around, and told me, ‘Great legs.’”
  3. The crowd toggled between her and Pierce, waiting for his response.
  4. He stood up slowly, pulled his glasses down and scanned her from head to toe. “Still got ‘em!,” he winked.
    The woman exploded into glitter and confetti.
  5. The microphone then passed down the row to a college-aged guy, who – by the looks of things – had attended alone.
  6. “Mr. Brosnan, do you remember me?”
    Pierce took a long look at the kid. “Of course I do.”
  7. The boy beamed. “Yes. I live over on Kauai, where you have a home.”
    “That’s right,” Pierce confirmed, and a smile broke across his face, as pieces of their shared memory fell into place.
  8. The boy continued, “This was a couple years ago. I was having a really bad day. I don’t remember why...”
    As he often did on hard times because he was a teenager and because he lived in Hawaii and could, the boy wandered far down the beach, away from the crowds, hooked his feet into the sand, and sat in thought.
  9. It began to rain.
  10. It began to pour.
  11. The boy capitulated, and ran up from the shore.
    He scanned the bank. Curiously, there was a big, round, majestic tree on display. He’d walked this beach a thousand times in his life and never noticed it before. He ran towards it. The closer he got, he made the silhouette of a man reclining under a weighty canopy of gnarled branches and leaves.
  12. “It was you! Pierce Brosnan!”
  13. “Mmhmm. It was.”
  14. Pierce Brosnan, alone, sitting out the downpour from the safety of his makeshift haven. Pants rolled up, hands resting on his knees, one holding onto a bottle of champagne, the other clinching two glasses.
  15. “And you poured me a glass as I walked up.”
  16. "I did."
  17. And the two sat in silence and watched the rain.