Welcome, new Listers! For the past year, we have been Beta-testing this revolutionary app here, and have discovered the magic and power of the List in the process. Here is why The List App is my "social media" of choice, and maybe it'll be yours too:
  1. No trolls.
    …yet. I know this will change as the app grows, but for the time being, List remains a positive, open, and constructive community. I think that’s largely because…
  2. List attracts a specific user.
    When I first signed on, someone said List was like “Instagram for smart people,” which is a little mean. List does, however, draw a particular crowd, just as Tumblr or Vine. Listers are thoughtful, conscientious, and..well… smartER. Not to say other networks don’t have intelligent users. I just feel like…
  3. I learn something here.
    Which was the coolest thing about social media before memes, Jenners, and pizza rats took over. Even better, most of my favorite news outlets (@vox, @nytimes, @LAmag) are publishing lists regularly and bulletpointing vital info. List isn’t just keeping me current, it’s keeping me efficient. I appreciate that.
  4. I work better with a smaller audience.
    I like to have a sense of my community. It’s about feeling their rhythm; participating in a dialogue. As followings grow, that intimacy and mutual respect dissipates. After I passed 100k on IG (Sorry, I know this sounds obnoxious), there was a shift in relationship. I wasn’t speaking WITH - I was now speaking TO. My commenters, meanwhile, were speaking AT. I know I’m supposed to say that I want more and more fans to make more and more money, but it is most important for me to curate an audience.
  5. List encourages longform.
    I like to read, and - if you’ve been following me - I love to write. Instagram hates my elaborate captions, and even then, I’m abridging myself. Twitter is kryptonite to the verbose. Snapchat just erased the words altogether. I’m aware I’m in the minority here, and maybe this will prove to be List’s biggest hurdle, but there’s value in lengthy, manicured content that can hold someone’s attention. It’s the difference between entertainment and engagement.
  6. List makes for proper storytelling.
    But I still dig Snapchat! Because SC and List applaud sharing a complete story. One of the Internet’s greatest disservices is extracting context from content. We are bombarded with sound bites, quips, GIFs, and headlines all day, sans big picture. We are familiar with the words “ISIS,” “Cecil the lion,” and “Netflix and chill,” but how many of us can exhaustively explain them? I still don’t understand the Hillary email thing. The List App does its part to combat this by encouraging storytelling.
  7. It's new.
    IG started out as an artistic platform, but with time, devolved into a scored popularity game, with strategies and formulas (same came be said for the rest). Fun, but once you win, you’re over it (I solved a Rubik’s Cube when I was 9, and haven’t touched one since). List, however, is a fresh ball of clay. It’s been so interesting watching Listers twist and mold this platform in unanticipated shapes: informational wikiHow lists, Letterman lists, blog narratives. It’s the wild west.
  8. I already have.
    There’s a reason why I’ve gotten in so deep with List this year. Bottomline, I always click out of the app feeling a little bit smarter, happier, and inspired than when I signed on. I feel like my friends are here, instead of faceless barnacles. And that’s something the other networks abandoned long ago. Will List rake in that bazillion-dollar valuation one day? I hope so. But for the Beta Listers, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all felt a little bit richer this year.