Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. 2nd grade: Mrs. Rither
    Told me I didn’t have a very big imagination. That I wasn’t a creative person. She would serve us a napkin of popcorn every Friday, but once, I saw her pick her nose before reaching into the bag and I refused to partake after that.
  2. 3rd grade: Mrs. Lowe
    Sent me to the principal’s office so many times, that I just started sending myself as soon as she’d give me the “look." She was a white woman married to an Asian guy and I thought that was tite.
  3. 7th grade: Mr. Barron
    Stayed on campus after school one afternoon and heard him bad-mouthing different kids in my class - including myself - to other faculty in the lounge. Was then I realized that teachers were just regular people; no superpowers. Also the day I lost a lot of respect for most teachers.
  4. 9th grade: Mr. Ayres
    Flunked me out of his Honors class on the first day for using a pencil instead of a pen on a summer reading exam. Watched me take the test the entire period with a smirk on his face - I wondered what was so funny, until I went to submit my paper and he threw it in the wastebasket. The F went on my transcript. Great way to start high school.
  5. 10th grade: Mr. Fillos
    Spread a rumor (okay, not entirely unbased) to the rest of the teachers that I was never not stoned. So I entered every high school classroom after that on the wrong side of the curve.
  6. 11th grade: the entire faculty
    Voted to have me suspended and banned from doing the daily announcements. Mr. Effren, my ASB teacher, shied away from defending me, because of how it’d make him look to his co-workers. That was cool.
  7. Whatever:
    I still got a 4.2 GPA and 1490 on my SATs, and they all shut their mouths.
  8. College:
    Wasn't much different.
  9. In my first year of law school,
    my Torts professor made fun of me the entire year for chewing gum in class, dressing like a clown, and bombing at the Socratic method on the daily. He’d have me stand in front and tease how sloppily I wore my suit on interview days (I think it amused him that anyone would interview me for anything at all). On the last day of school, I ran into him in the parking lot and broke the news that I held the highest grade in his class (scores were anonymous). His facial expression was worth the tuition.