Just got on the bus, gonna do this from memory, no particular order.
  1. "Do you need a two day bus pass?"
  2. "I sell blue diamonds."
  3. "Viagra man!"
  4. "You wanna help me move a piano?"
    He claimed there was four hundred dollars profit in this endeavor.
  5. "I only need three fifty for a pint a clear heaven."
  6. "I still got stuff in storage up at Peterson and Pulaski, my whole life, scattered on the streets."
    No he was not Springsteen, he just got weirdly poetic for like, a split second.
  7. "You play? One hundred, two hours."
    This has to be about hookers right?
  8. "Sometimes they straight ask me how big it is and I'm like, you sure you wanna know? But I always show em."
  9. "I speak four languages."
  10. "I'd love to visit back home but, you know, too many people know me there."
  11. "I only hold for the bigs, I don't sell."
    Despite being good at playing it cool, this immediately made me feel I was going to be shot.
  12. "I save lives man."
    I can't see how this could be true.
  13. "But you can use it for forty eight hours!"