1. Buying six DVDs at once at Suncoast Video
    This happened mere moments after opening my first bank account at the Suncoast across the street and included the Matrix and Cruel Intentions.
  2. Buying the Killer Margarita at Caesar's Killer Margarita's
    The glass it came was so cool, had to be done.
  3. Buying one sweater at Banana Republic
    Never shopped there again.
  4. Fucking Redbox
    Fuck Redbox.
  5. On a date with a girl who liked Clubs and Club Music
    Didn't work out.
  6. Anytime I travelled between the age of eighteen and twenty four.
    I'm on vacation!
  7. Renting a Jet Ski
    Jet Ski's are extremely expensive (although a total blast). Also, this occasion falls under the umbrella of the above...
  8. At an airport Dunkin Donuts immediately prior to flying to Europe to stay for a month
    I had placed travel funds in my gf's Euro friendly account but wanted a bagel. I was three hundred and ninety four dollars in the negative upon return.
  9. Withdrawing money from a PNC account to pay the overdraw fee on a Bank of America account.
    Hey, I'm no economist.