1. My dad
    He was a womanizer, a charmer, but he was honest and would do anything to help somebody. I can't count the number of down on their luck misfits that ended up on our door,usually taking advantage of him. He died at 49 in 1984 of a brain tumor. Luckily my mom threw my 18 year old ass out of the house and I went to live with him and got to KNOW him before he died.
  2. Ray Charles Robinson
    This is pretty much self explanatory. Truly the genius of American music and soul I remember the day he died and I knew the world would never be the same again.
  3. My Nana
    My maternal grandmother Margaret. She was 102 years old I was the one in the family who looked after her. I took her to lunch "a Reuben is good with a beer!" Took her to church (back pew) changed her light bulbs, kept her 95 Lincoln town car in check (and drove her) and loved every minute of it. She never touched a computer but I did get her to Facetime with her great grandkids who were on a boat in main and she saw her great great grandchild, which was awesome.