A direct quote by @lesleyann (who I do not know. Does everybody else on list already know each other? That's how I feel. That's how I felt on the first day of kindergarten, too. And pretty much how I feel whenever I walk into a room. I digress.)
  1. Firstly, animals are amazing
    Everybody with a pet knows this
  2. Obviously dogs are smart and man's best friend
    But pigs and dolphins and crows and all sorts of other animals are really smart too!
  3. They grieve their dead
    It's heartbreaking to think about
  4. And we constantly shit on them!
    Shark fin soup are you fucking kidding me??!?!
  5. I am not entirely convinced that animals aren't a more advanced state of being, like ancient aliens that have reached nirvana and taken these animal forms because they don't care about pants anymore and want to live as one with the planet
    So, like, hippie hipsters. Who think of humans as Neanderthals
  6. Let me just say this again: we treat them like shit!
  7. Humans treat each other like shit too.
    What do you think is probably the one thing every human has in common? Besides a need for food, clothing, and shelter....we all fucking love animals!
  8. Even if you are scared of dogs, or hate the smell of a barn, or have a rodent problem at your house, or had a dingo eat your baby, you still objectively love animals.
    You fucking do, don't you? You snuggle with your little puppy or look at pictures of horses online or cry during Bambi.
  9. And yet we treat them like shit!
    We pollute their homes and kill them for sport!
  10. These hunters posing with dead cheetahs and elephants? Unbelievable.
    How can you look at the intricately designed spots on a cheetah, or the sheer size and dignity of an elephant, and somehow think you own that? Let alone that you have a right to kill it? It's better than you! You're sunburnt and wearing cargo shorts you asshole!
  11. Ughhh it's just the worst.
  12. And I'm not a vegetarian, so I include myself in this.
    We treat animals like shit!
  13. They're great. They're better than us.
    We should all try to just be really nice to animals, and look out for them and try to live a life that is pro-animal.
  14. Basically, I just took a really nice, elegant sentence and mucked it all up with my over-explaining, so I will end this by restating that thought.
  15. Animals are a gift to earth and we should cherish them with all we have.