Guilty pleasures

Honest ones
  1. Filling out profiles
    Biking! Cooking! Music! Reading!
  2. Being the first one to reply to a group email
    Especially if I don't know some of the people on it
  3. Being the last one to respond to a group email
    "Sounds good, I'm in." (Secretly pumped)
  4. Interviewing myself
    In the car, in the shower, wherever. Just so long as we...
  5. Endlessly edit ourselves to the point where we don't get past the first (made up) question
    Gotta perfect the hypothetical stories!
  6. Quickly and quietly count the number of letters in a recently said word (by hand, obviously)
    Bonus points for a 10 letter word or phrase.
  7. Listening to embarrassing music
    While eating fast/casual takeout.
  8. Technically speaking, drugs.
    At least the ones I'm guilty of doing illegally.