No, not actually playing. I guess I mean picking songs.
  1. Jukebox
    I'm really good at it. People give me their dollars to pick songs.
  2. Song Requests
    I'm really good at it! Like I once shouted out "groove is in the heart!" unsolicited and they played it next.
  3. Mix CDs
    I feel like I should be better. But! I did make a mix cd off of a friends computer library and when he heard the mix he was blown away. I told him, these are all your songs, and he was like, I know, but this is a great cd.
  4. Geeking out and playing a song for a person one-on-one
    I am awful at this. (Or great?) It's the worst feeling in the world. You fall in love with a song and then play it for someone and then all of a sudden hear it through their ears and feel so embarrassed. Examples:
  5. Playing a song for a guy friend and it turns out to be way too sensitive
  6. Playing a song for a girl you like and the singers voice is way too whiny
  7. Playing a song for your dad and the drummer is way too sloppy