I've been extremely emotional about animals lately
  1. It started yesterday.
    I googled the lyrics to the song "pleas from a cat named virtute" by the weakerthans.
  2. It led to another song by that band
    That I dont even want to talk about because it made me so sad.
  3. Like, my eyes started welling up and I considered leaving work to go home and snuggle with my cats.
    I'm a 32 year old man.
  4. Today I was driving and saw a deer run across the road
    Not a baby, but not full grown.
  5. Twenty minutes later I saw another deer run across the road.
    About the same size.
  6. Then I saw an old dog in the middle of the street!
    I felt like it was my job to stop.
  7. I put my flashers on and got out.
    The dog walked over to me, and was kind of chill but also scared. Meek.
  8. It had a collar with a phone number.
    But my phone was dead, and traffic was backing up.
  9. Then I heard a lady come running up calling for her dog.
    I was really happy.
  10. It's just weird, all this animal stuff.
    I think I get so emotional because we can't explain things to animals. I hate to picture them scared. And I hate hearing about animals being harmed at the hands of humans.
  11. I need to go snuggle with my cats.