Stuff I listen to when I've already heard Stern and I'm not practicing songs for karaoke. 😀
  1. Tell Em Steve-Dave
    Walter, Bryan and Q discussion.
  2. Doug Loves Movies
    Doug Benson movie games
  3. WTF
    Marc Maron interviewing...
  4. Dead Authors Podcast
    With your host H.G. Wells
  5. Pop My Culture
    Cole and Vanessa and occasionally Alan Rickman if you're lucky.
  6. Nerdist
    That dude from 'Singled Out' talks to people
  7. Word Balloon
    John Siuntres' comic book podcast
  8. Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast
    Interesting older Hollywood stories, and amazing Gilbert impressions :)
  9. Hollywood Babble-On
    Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman with Hollywood news