From an EU perspective.
  1. Restaurants can finally stop serving fish and chips as a five-course meal.
    Vive la France.
  2. "The Queen" will be Dutch again.
  3. No more WW2 television replays.
    Sorry Winston.
  4. French independence and no DTA for the 9,000 easyJet, Virgin, and BA pilots living in that one bedroom apartment in Paris.
    DTA: Dual Taxation Agreement.
  5. Visas required for Europe's worst behaved tourists.
    Demand for "I love England" tattoos drops.
  6. Neil Kinnock gets to go home.
    This is a major event for citizens of Strasbourg and Brussels.
  7. The BBC will once again be relegated to the back rooms of short wave radio.
  8. The term "Kappa Slapper" is removed from the European vocabulary overnight.
    Removing the awful images invoked by Kappa Slappers from the collective EU memory will take longer.
  9. The end of 1966 Soccer World Cup replays.
  10. Germans won't have to wake up so early to put out their towels on the sun loungers in Marbella (Spain) anymore.
    This is a big plus for me 😋