1. Those customers who interrupt you.
    I know you want something to drink but can I tell you my name first?
  2. When they ask about every item on the menu and what they contain.
    I'm sure you're capable of reading the menu. They do described the food.
  3. Those who drink 7 drinks before you get their order.
    Your bladder will thank me later.
  4. Those who ask where their well done steak is five minutes after they ordered.
    Sorry, it takes 12 minutes to burn your steak
  5. When someone tells you that you ordered the wrong item.
    I wrote down what you said, I think you ordered wrong.
  6. When someone raises their hand.
    No, this isn't a class. Put your hand down. I will check on you
  7. And those who don't know how to tip.
    If you can't tip. Stay home. And how would you feel to not get paid to work.