I saw the movie Legend with Tom Hardy, here are 5 thoughts.
  1. Tom Hardy plays both leading Male roles
    I love Tom Hardy, I think he is one of the most interesting current actors. Here he is playing twins from London. And owns the entire movie. He is able to create two entirely different characters on screen at the same time.
  2. Emily Browning is a revelation
    She is the female lead and somehow steals some scenes from Tom Hardy's tour de force performance.
  3. British gangsters
    I am familiar with the American Mafia. This puts a nice twist on the Gangster genre.
  4. Bar fight with hammers
    Need I say more?
  5. Breaking of homosexual stereotypes
    Ron, one of the twins played by Tom Hardy is a open homosexual in 1960s London. He is also the most intimidating gangster in 1960s London.