This is how I think of each artist and why I like them. Please feel free to give me suggestions of artists for me to check out!
  1. Bruce Nauman
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    He's the bad art student nobody ever got but always admired.
  2. Jim Hodges
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    The sensitive introvert who expresses sincerity and fragility through his artworks.
  3. Karl Haendel
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    The overly-intellectual in the nicest way possible. He makes commentaries about history is constructed. The pregnant yoga series was a commentary about LA and their obsession to be fit.( He was my professor)
  4. Glenn Ligon
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    An African American artist juxtaposes history, literature, and visual arts with his own life.
  5. Richard Tuttle
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    The philosopher or the dreamer. He brings emotions to the most banal and basic art materials.
  6. Agnes Martin
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    Always in deep contemplating about the meaning of life. Her artworks showed her attempt to construct systems with the most purest and underrated feelings. I think she achieved.
  7. Mark Bradford
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    Juxtaposes highly abstract paintings and pop culture beautifully. Makes a commentary about mass consumption and South Los Angeles.
  8. Wangchi Mutu
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    African American artist who interweave African myths and sci-fi to develop alternate realities for Africans and the people of African myths.
  9. Do Ho Suh
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    A Korean artist immensely homesick and attempt to assimilate into the American culture. He fights against conventional scales and provokes our fragility as human beings. As we become more global, it becomes harder for us to have a "permanent" home.
  10. Ai Wei Wei
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    The Chinese political activist artist, he brings what happened during the great Chinese economic boom and how globalization affected Chinese families. This installation was a commentary on how quickly China developed. It was common for Chinese families to own 3 legs stools only to be replaced by cheap metal and plastic stools.
  11. John Baldessari
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    The badass Californian conceptual artist, known for disturbing the interaction between the artwork and the viewer.