1. Look at a recipe, this image is from Smitten Kitchen. Lovely and arranged potato scallion and kale cake porn shot
  2. Realized my refrigerator had 3/4 of the ingredient list
    At 22, I still haven't figured out to make the epic adult grocery list...so had no nutmegs or scallions or kale
  3. But fear not ! for there were leftover mashed potatoes, eggs, and olive oil
  4. So started to throw the ingredients on hand and on an impulse steamed cabbages without consulting the recipe
    In Korea, grocery stores don't open till 10AM. I proceed to make them at 9:30AM
  5. as I fried the potato cakes...they started to fall apart and not look like the picture above
  6. Was in a rush for school so after ten pieces and clean, left the apt asap
  7. On the subway...sudden realization...shit there's no eggs in my so called potato scallion and kale cale
  8. But it was edible and tasty...so still a success in the kitchen