Huh My Early Twenties Suck and Happy Belated New Year

Age is a huge part of Korean culture where people treat you differently whether you are older or younger than you
  1. older friends:d'awwh you're so young
    And often my opinions taken lightly or lack there off
  2. younger friends:you're the unnie of the group
    buying food for them just cause
  3. what do you wanna do in the future?
    the I am finding my opinions and exploring ain't a viable answer
  4. fam mem say do you have a boyfriend?
    and that's just an universal question and you're like why, can you go make my ideal bf for me ?
  5. dates, guys my age are off to the army
    Lol the mandatory thingie
  6. the lack of self confidence and value into what I am doing
  7. wait, already twenty four in Korean age
    Gain a year cause it's 2016 and one year old when I came out of my mother's womb